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A+M Book Box

A+M Book Box


You've been asking for it for years, and it's finally going to happen...


We all love Meg from the Devil's Knights, and no one can resist the zany and cow-obsessed Alice from the Fallen Lords. You've all wished to see these two in the same room, and I'm going to make that wish come true!


So, I'm writing a brand new book featuring the meeting and crazy antics of Alice and Meg, which will be featured in the A+M Book Box.


What's in the box:

-Exclusive Hardcover of the brand new Alice and Meg book


-6-7 pieces of swag (yes, there will be cow print)


These are going to be special, y'all.

The Hardcover will ONLY be available in the book box or through me and the book boxes will ship one month before the ebook release. (May 3rd boxes/books will ship. Ebook LIVE releases June 3rd)

Will Ship May 3rd
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